Learning to exist in America under robotic rule

Recently, I got an email about a perfect example of machine learning taking on the job of human transcription work right here in the states. I’ve often felt that computer technology and in particular the encroachment of machine learning from corporate giants like IBM are slowly stripping the liberty of the citizens of this fine country.

This study reminded me of the 60 minutes special on Leslie Valiant who has created the first system to actually fool humans that the output is real or simply a computer process.

IBM Watson actually defeated human opponents in a very popular Jeopardy showdown, that alone was astounding but this new study of pop music acapella of Van Halen clearly shows the the robots can’t sing, yet.

My prediction is that within 5 years, Watson will transcribe audio of sung vocals properly. When that happens I imagine some enterprising computer science professor will get a convincing  vocal out of our computers as well.

As long as they don’t remove my right to bear arms, robotic or manual, I’m ok with this.

The Right for Citizens to Bear Arms as Provided by the Constitution

Many are concerned about the escalating violence that the country has faced, and a good number of this is violence through the use of handguns and other firearms, with most of these resulting to deaths in mass numbers. Because of this situation, there are concerns raised by many, that the right to bear arms for self defense, as given and provided by the Constitution through the Second Amendment, should be amended. There are those who contended that this right as provided through the Second Amendment may already be outmoded, such that it should be abolished. There are also those who are for some amendments only because ours is already a new generation, and these provisions should also go with the times. Some are asserting that very strict requisites should be imposed when acquiring guns.

There can be more debates regarding the issue, but totally abolishing the right for self defense through the acquisition of guns may not be this issue. The Constitution provides this through the Second Amendment, and this can not be debatable. However, there are also many questions because some of the guns used are already the high powered ones. Are these also allowed, through this provision of the Constitution? The issue may already be on the kind of guns that are allowed, and also the requisites before possession can be allowed.

Debates can forever be happening, but the problem has to be faced squarely because many are already victims. Many have died, especially the death of children in schools, and the killers are also young persons, with guns used that are the high powered guns, and no longer the ordinary handguns that are intended for self defense.

The Right to Bear Arms and Gun Safety

Humans have always looked for ways on how they can defend themselves from harm and fend off enemies and people with evil intent. This is quite apparent since the invention of fire which was also used to ward wild animals and keep people safe. On the other hand, fire may not be that sufficient anymore as technological advancements have paved the way in giving people adequate security and protection.

Guns were manufactured as a means to protect one’s safety and scare robbers or thieves. However, back then carrying guns was considered illegal and one could get into trouble with the authorities if they possess one in their homes. With the help of the Second Amendment, gun owners in the United States are protected and have the right to keep and bear arms. This supports the natural rights of people for self-defense and resistance to oppression.

People felt safer and secured when they carry around guns in their household and evil doers are also a bit hesitant to continue with their evil deeds. However, with added security come extra risks. If you have children around, they might accidentally find and play with it. If it has live ammunitions stored then it becomes even more dangerous. This is why gun owners should be extra careful when storing their guns around the house.

This is why debates and disputes are still ongoing between the gun control and gun rights movements seeing whose side is right.

The Big Debate On Guns And Right To Bear Arms In The US

There has been drastic news in the US and in some countries lately where young people get killed or innocent lives extinguished because there were people who were very irresponsible in bearing guns. That kind of news is pretty sad to hear but that is the reality of what is going on in the US today. There are some mentally impaired people who somehow have gotten themselves some firearms and fired upon innocent civilians and killed them on the spot. In the end they would commit suicide or got arrested but who is to blame really? That is the big question many people in the US ask themselves right now.

There are two factions who are battling it out on who would have the better solution for this. The ones who hate guns and would want the right to bear arms abolished are suggesting that all guns would be banned and not even licensed, well for those extreme guys though anyway. Some would just want gun owners to have a meticulous inspection and a better examination for gun ownership. While some leaning on the rights though would agree with the less extreme guys, some still want the regular type of exams for licensure since it would only be a hassle for them to do things all over again. Some would even want guns to be bought without licenses.

Until now, this debate is still circling on who would be better. Maybe it won’t end due to how sensitive the topic is.

Different Interpretations of the Second Constitution of the USA

A lot of people have different interpretations of the second constitution of the USA, specifically the right of the people to bear arms. The second constitution says, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Although this conveys a complete thought, a lot of people are still confused with the real definition and limitations of this specific amendment. As you may know the human body is capable of extraordinary things and with power comes great responsibility.

Some people in the authorities would say that it’s limited to people who have connection in the military but some would assert that it includes the right to possess guns or any kind of firearms to be used for self defense or security reasons. These different interpretations can be considered correct and valid because the said amendment does not contain any specification or limitation at all.

The second part of the said constitution can be used by so many individuals arrested because of owning a firearm. In that circumstance the individual might suffer a massive harm from such a shock. This is because the second part does not clearly say that it’s only for people who have permits and are connected to militia. Clearly, the whole thing can be interpreted as a right for someone to possess any type of firearm to be used as protection against crimes such as robbery, assaulted murder and etc.

So what to do to clear these confusions and misinterpretations on the second constitution? Well, best possible way to clear this out is to revisit the said amendment and revise what needs to be revised.

Things to Consider When Collecting Antique Firearms

If you want something unique for you to collect, try the antique firearm collection. According to the classification under the National Firearms Act (NFA), an antique gun is a gun which has not been utilized for recent firing and ammunition. Antique guns are designed and created during the nineteen hundredths before the year 1898. In addition, these types of guns cannot be utilized as weapons.

Since these guns have historic as well as monetary values, many gun collectors really want to have these kinds of guns. If you have plans to buy and collect these guns, you might ask some help from gun researchers as well as gun appraisers for you to easily identify and recognize antique guns.

When searching for antique guns, the very first thing that you need to ensure is that the antique gun is under the NFA category. Keep in mind always that the antique gun licensing requirements are far different from other firearms. If you don’t want to encounter any trouble, you need to make sure that those antique guns are under the categorization of the NFA. Moreover, you need to make a list with regards to the information about all antique guns you want to obtain. You need to make sure that the list you made contains all the necessary information which includes its action, type, caliber, markings, and measurements.

The next thing that you should never ignore is to create a note with regards to the markings of the gun. When writing gun markings, you need to make sure that you will write all numbers, designs, and letters of the antique gun. These markings will help you find precise information with regards to the gun you are looking for. In addition, you need also to take note about the exact date the gun was made. This will help you find out about the materials used when making the gun.

Most importantly, if you are a novice in collecting antique guns, there is a need for you to hire an expert. An expert will help you identify if that certain gun is a genuine antique or not. You really need to identify if that gun is worth its price. In line with this, you need someone who is very knowledgeable with regards to the real value of antique guns in the market. There is also a need for you to familiarize all the required standards when collecting antique guns. By learning and understanding the antique gun standards, this will help you identify gun condition in terms of its authenticity and value. If you want some verification and to play safe as always, you might call the Federal Firearms Licensing Center (FFLC) in order to verify if your purchased antique gun is registered or not. Safety is the most important factor in owning a firearm injuries like mild scoliosis can happen in an instant.

The above mentioned information is a few of the many essential points you need to know about how to easily identify an antique gun. This information which is very essential for you to consider will satisfy your passion and excitement in collecting antique firearms without encountering any hassles. Its my opinion that the right to bear arms is a fundamental right outlined in constitution of the united states. The governments ability to over run states, counties and even towns needs to tempered with well informed citizens. With the internets ability to inform and empower the ordinary man. This Los Angeles web design firm emailed me regarding new powers that our government has sanctioned. This youtube clip describes how CIA and other instution were created.

Liberty and freedom is the cornerstone of our right to bear arms. This freedom is slowly being removed away. This war on terror has been used as possible lever in stripping us from these liberties. The video below shows how 2 different researchers are using the internet to catalog and map our secret world that spy on us domestically. The right to bear arms is incredibly important now.

What is a Federal Firearms License?

FFL or Federal Firearms license is a type of license issued to an individual or a company giving them the privilege to get involved in a kind of business which is related to ammunition, production of firearms or the intrastate or interstate trade of firearms. Acquisition of the FFL for engaging in related activities is considered as a legal requirement of the United States of America which has been applied since the Gun Control Act of 1968 was enacted.

The Federal Firearms License was established to implement the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. The FFA required all manufacturers and dealers of firearms who ship or receive firearms or ammunition in interstate or foreign commerce to have a license, and forbid them from transferring any firearm or most ammunition to any person interstate unless certain conditions are met.


The Federal Firearm License (FFL) was primarily established in implementing the Federal Firearms act of 1938. This act required all dealers and manufacturers of firearms who receive or ship ammunition or firearms in intrastate or interstate to obtain a license to operate. The Federal Firearms act of 1938 also forbade these individuals from transporting ammunition or firearms to any company or person interstate except when all required conditions are met. However, these certain conditions do not have a negative effect when it comes to the trade of ammunition and firearms. It was actually the implementation of the law of the Gun Control Act in 1968 that repealed almost all FFA.

On the other hand, the thought of obtaining an FFL is actually very intimidating as preparing for all the paperwork is very difficult to accomplish. But the truth is obtaining this type of license is not that complicated. You just need to disclose some of your personal information. This is basically because your government wants to determine the main reason why you need to have this type of license. Moreover, you are also asked about where you intend to have this kind of business. If you are one of those individuals who are considered as law-abiding citizens and you have successfully completed the application with honesty, you will definitely obtain a Federal Firearm License.

UPDATE 2013 : This information has lead me to stay up at nights – who will protect our rights?

To sum up, laws as well regulations with regard to gun ownership may actually vary depending on the state or country you are in. However, if this is your main source of income wherein you buy, sell or repair guns, under the federal law, you need to apply and obtain a Federal Firearm License. Manufacturers, pawnbrokers, gun collectors and all individuals who perform various activities related to firearm business must have a Federal Firearm License (FFL) before introducing their products or services to the public. There are precise requirements for you to successfully obtain an FFL license. Thus, you need to be very careful and precise when filling up all the information they need. Keep in mind the importance of filling out all the information they require with all honesty the last thing you need is drop dead from a mini stroke when the cops arrest you. This is very essential for them to determine and measure your credibility for you to acquire the license you need.

What You Need to Know about Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are known as replica firearms that shoot plastic pellets referred to as BB’s by way of compressing electric or gas or spring-driven pistons. In the year 1980, Airsoft guns were first introduced and they first came out in Japan. This is considered as the latest technology with regards to gun toy replicas.

This gun significantly hit the worldwide market when it was globally introduced and marketed. This is due to the fact that Airsoft guns resemble closely to the real gun. The weight as well as the reloading process is somewhat exactly similar to the real one. These types of guns can fire BB’s from 30 to 260 meters/second for gas or spring guns.

If you have plans of buying an Airsoft gun, it is actually difficult to choose the right and perfect rifle for you. This is because there are various types of Airsoft guns available in the market. Thus, you need to ensure that you will choose the right gun that will fit with your demands and needs. Moreover, when picking one, you should never forget the importance of picking a type of Airsoft gun that you really like.

There are a few considerations when picking your toy gun and this includes the cost, RPM, FPS, capability, functionality and maintenance. You need to decide whether you will choose an Airsoft rifle, Airsoft sniper rifles, Airsoft pistols, and shotguns. The choices of Airsoft guns will also depend on your needs as well as the Airsoft field.

There are 3 main kinds of Airsoft guns. The electric Airsoft guns are the most popular kind of Airsoft rifles. This kind of gun is a rechargeable, battery-operated type of toy gun. On the other hand, there are various types of batteries. So, you need to make sure that you will choose the right type of rechargeable battery for your toy. The most popular type of Airsoft guns is an electric Airsoft rifle but these guns are very pricey to own; with regards to gas Airsoft gun, Airsoft pistols are the most popular one.

The gas Airsoft gun is considered as the most powerful type among the three available kinds. The BB’s or plastic pellets are fired through a pressurized gas. And because of this, when you want to play Airsoft, you really need gas. This requires you to visit a store every time you want to play Airsoft.

Another type of Airsoft gun is the spring gun. This is not that popular kind compared to gas and electric Airsoft guns. This kind of gun functions either as a semi-automatic or an automatic type. When you fire, there is a need for you to re-cock again so you can shoot.

This is the main reason why it is not popular because of its re-cocking approach which can be very time-consuming. Keep in mind that an Airsoft sniper rifle is typically a type of spring gun. Bear in mind that when choosing an Airsoft gun, you should always consider how you will be using it. This will help you determine the type of Airsoft gun you need to buy.

What Are the Requirements for a Firearms License?

A firearm license which is also referred to as a gun license is a type of license issued by a country, a government or a state that permits an individual to own, buy, possess or maybe use a firearm, which is subject to various restrictions or conditions, most especially in terms of the storage requirements or the so-called firearms safety course completion along with background checks and many others. However, a firearm or a gun license is not actually needed in all state jurisdictions.

Moreover, the scope of the firearm license actually varies depending on the type of the firearm or gun along with its allowed activities. For instance, a firearm license will permit the license holder to involve in target shooting, hunting, collecting of firearms, utilizing the firearm for self-defense purposes, carrying a concealed gun or the use of it in order to operate in a certain business such as a gunsmith or gun dealer. Handguns, shotguns, and rifles actually require a separate license.


Obtaining a firearm license might be a difficult task, most especially with regards to preparing all the paperwork required by the government and the involved bureaucracy. For those individuals who have plans to obtain a license and those who are still to obtain one, obtaining this type of license is always of great importance.

This is due to the fact that there are new rules that you need to obey for the benefit of the many. Obtaining a firearm license is very essential when you have plans to sell or buy weapons. It is also very important when you want to collect antique firearms.

For those who want to obtain a firearm license, there are actually two types of license applications, the ATF form 7 applications and the 7 CR ATF applications. The former application is known as a basic type of application wherein it is required to obtain a basic license. On the other hand, the latter form of license is also very essential for you to have if you have plans to collect curios and relics.  You can obtain the application forms through the web. You may also call the office of the ATF and ask for application forms. Keep in mind that the forms cannot easily be gathered, completed, as well as submitted. There is also a need for you to present photographs as well as fingerprints in order to obtain a firearm license.

Moreover, there are essential requirements for you to prepare when obtaining a firearm license. First, you need to be at least 21 years old when getting a gun license. A person might be qualified to obtain a license if he is not prohibited by law to possess a firearm due to previous incidents related to firearm possessions. Moreover, in obtaining a firearm license, it is very important that you don’t have any criminal record pertaining to the regulation under arms control act. In addition, you need to be very careful when mentioning all required information in filling up the application. You need to disclose all required information with honesty in your part because if you will mislead them, you may be subject to disqualification.


Safety in Using Guns

Guns are good as protection, for your personal safety and likewise for home protection. However, it will remain safe for as long as you have it safe. With guns, the probability for injury and even death will always be there. In such a case, there are basic safety rules to be followed at all times, in order for a gun to remain safely as it is. Handling of guns is very important because improper handling can be very dangerous.

Guns have to be treated as always loaded, even if not, so the gun should always be pointed to a safe direction. There should be no assumption of no load, and should not be pointed to a person.When handling guns, it is likewise important that the fingers should not be on the trigger, for safety purposes.

Guns are safe
as long as you keep it safe. In this manner you have to familiarize yourself with the gun in your person. Know the features, especially the safety features, and know this beforehand, before you start with your target practice. Do not do the familiarization when you are already in your target practice because it can turn out dangerous. Also know what you are shooting at and if there is no one or any living thing beyond your target or else you’ll bemdepressed and bipolar

Beyond your intended target can be rocks or hard objects, and you have to avoid this because of the tendencies of bullets to ricochet, and may hit somebody. After you have already a good idea about the features of your gun, make sure that is set to safety always.

However, to be extra careful, do not rely on this safety mechanism always because there is also a tendency that this will fail. There are many incidents of a gun firing even with the safety mechanism already set. For added safety, it can be a better idea to load your gun only when you need this to be loaded. When this is just kept in the house, not to load the gun with bullets may be helpful.

However, this concept can also be against how you intend the gun to be, and that is for protection when you need this. In this manner, knowing where to keep your gun safely may be the best procedure done. Target shooting can be a lot of fun and can also be a learning experience for you. You can learn so many different things about guns and the proper care of these.


You can have many sharing sessions with friends and other members of your club. Though these activities make sure that everything you learn will be always remembered because these things can keep you safe, most of the time.

There are general gun safety rules which should be properly observed and also the rules of your club. All these should be followed to the letter. All these rules are the basic and fundamentals for gun safety, and should always be followed, like the basic rule of not pointing a gun to a thing or person you have no intention of shooting.

This is basic but can veer you away from accidents. Accidents can strike at any time, so do not make this happen at any time, especially if the gun is in your position. UPDATE : Since this post I was written my sharp shooting skills have been reduced andmigraines from my eyes were the cause according to my doctors evaluation. This is serious matter and it may take time to heal the wounds.