Many are concerned about the escalating violence that the country has faced, and a good number of this is violence through the use of handguns and other firearms, with most of these resulting to deaths in mass numbers. Because of this situation, there are concerns raised by many, that the right to bear arms for self defense, as given and provided by the Constitution through the Second Amendment, should be amended. There are those who contended that this right as provided through the Second Amendment may already be outmoded, such that it should be abolished. There are also those who are for some amendments only because ours is already a new generation, and these provisions should also go with the times. Some are asserting that very strict requisites should be imposed when acquiring guns.

There can be more debates regarding the issue, but totally abolishing the right for self defense through the acquisition of guns may not be this issue. The Constitution provides this through the Second Amendment, and this can not be debatable. However, there are also many questions because some of the guns used are already the high powered ones. Are these also allowed, through this provision of the Constitution? The issue may already be on the kind of guns that are allowed, and also the requisites before possession can be allowed.

Debates can forever be happening, but the problem has to be faced squarely because many are already victims. Many have died, especially the death of children in schools, and the killers are also young persons, with guns used that are the high powered guns, and no longer the ordinary handguns that are intended for self defense.

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