Humans have always looked for ways on how they can defend themselves from harm and fend off enemies and people with evil intent. This is quite apparent since the invention of fire which was also used to ward wild animals and keep people safe. On the other hand, fire may not be that sufficient anymore as technological advancements have paved the way in giving people adequate security and protection.

Guns were manufactured as a means to protect one’s safety and scare robbers or thieves. However, back then carrying guns was considered illegal and one could get into trouble with the authorities if they possess one in their homes. With the help of the Second Amendment, gun owners in the United States are protected and have the right to keep and bear arms. This supports the natural rights of people for self-defense and resistance to oppression.

People felt safer and secured when they carry around guns in their household and evil doers are also a bit hesitant to continue with their evil deeds. However, with added security come extra risks. If you have children around, they might accidentally find and play with it. If it has live ammunitions stored then it becomes even more dangerous. This is why gun owners should be extra careful when storing their guns around the house.

This is why debates and disputes are still ongoing between the gun control and gun rights movements seeing whose side is right.

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