There is a wide variety of AR15 guns available in the market these days as they have become very popular among shooters due to the satisfactory results they provide to the shooters. The demand for AR15 rifles and guns is increasing every day. Similarly, the accessory range for these guns is also extending every day. So, there is a large variety of accessories available for these guns.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your AR15 with a new scope, you need to research properly because there is a wide range of scopes available and choosing the best scope for your AR15 can be extremely difficult. Most of the times, people make mistake in choosing the right type of scope for their AR15 even after making some research.

Therefore, we have brought the helpful information for you that will help you decide that what scope is perfect for your gun. The top ratings for AR15 Scopes under 200$ can help you determine that what type of scope is perfect for your gun. Let’s take a look at the features of some of the top scopes so that you may decide the perfect scope for your AR15.


It boasts a 500-yard field of view and helps you shoot the target at great distances. It can even help you properly in the low-light environments as it is designed to provide a clear view of the low-light environment. You can instantly switch from specific fields of view with the help of Throw Down PCL quick view.

The optical lenses can provide you the clarity in any environment as they are multi-coated for maximum brightness. The moisture can’t enter the lens chamber as the scope is sealed properly. The shooters will find it extremely useful as they can easily and quickly mount it to their AR15 without any trouble.


If you’re looking to buy a scope that can provide you the small and compact size view, then Nikon prostaff is the perfect option for you. This scope is the perfect option for the distance shooters as it comes with 3X to 9X zoom capabilities. This scope provides you an amazing experience in any kind of environment because 98% light can transfer from its coating.

The best thing about this scope is that it is a waterproof and fog proof option. This is the perfect option for the beginners as it makes things easier for them to learn. This scope is not only designed for the AR15 but you can also mount it on rifles of different calibers.


It’s another top quality waterproof option that can help you shoot the target from long distances. It provides you an excellent experience. And the best thing about this scope is that it is available at very affordable rates and you can easily buy it from a gun shop.

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