There has been drastic news in the US and in some countries lately where young people get killed or innocent lives extinguished because there were people who were very irresponsible in bearing guns. That kind of news is pretty sad to hear but that is the reality of what is going on in the US today. There are some mentally impaired people who somehow have gotten themselves some firearms and fired upon innocent civilians and killed them on the spot. In the end they would commit suicide or got arrested but who is to blame really? That is the big question many people in the US ask themselves right now.

There are two factions who are battling it out on who would have the better solution for this. The ones who hate guns and would want the right to bear arms abolished are suggesting that all guns would be banned and not even licensed, well for those extreme guys though anyway. Some would just want gun owners to have a meticulous inspection and a better examination for gun ownership. While some leaning on the rights though would agree with the less extreme guys, some still want the regular type of exams for licensure since it would only be a hassle for them to do things all over again. Some would even want guns to be bought without licenses.

Until now, this debate is still circling on who would be better. Maybe it won’t end due to how sensitive the topic is.

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